Dnako Village Screen & Treat Outreach

We arrived Dnako village at about 12 noon. The village does not have a primary health centre but the village chief was gracious enough to let us use a building under construction for his new palace. We were able to improvise very quickly.

We were informed most of the women were at the farm. And while we were setting up, we urged some of the women who were present to send messages to the rest.

Setting up in Dnako village

Just as we concluded setting up, the women were seated, ready for the health talk.

Sadinat was excited to interpret and while we were at it, we realised we had to do more than just talk as they did not see the need for taking up the free screening services. 

Sadinat Interpreting in Dnako village

Our program director, Stephanie Nyong had to educate one woman at a time as seen in the picture below. This was meant to help further understand the disease process and how screening and early treatment helps with prevention. 


After the education session, they became really interested but were concerned for pain-they imagined it was going to be a painful procedure. 

Sadinat, our interpreter once again saved the day by volunteering to go in first. Once she completed her screening, she was happy. She came out smiling and explaining the procedure to the rest of the women. And one they kept flooding in until we completed the screenings.

Beneficiaries with happy faces sharing their experience...
Dnako particpants pic mix
Our Team on Ground 

Chikaodili Ogili- Head of Nursing & Clinical Services

Stephanie Nyong- Program Director

Hauwa Braimah- Administrative Officer

Edna Okoye- Administrative Assistant

Moving forward-For next outreaches

We noticed most of these women had other health complaints and other health conditions. They have no health centre and will need to travel a distance to arrive at the nearest hospital. They also cannot afford this care.

For future outreaches, we will be seeking partnerships with general practitioners, pharmaceutical companies and other NGO's for free consultations, medications and treatments. 

Our Sponsors and Partners for this outreach

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Keturah Adams 

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